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Dear Diary

3 years ago my step son was ripped from my and his fathers arms after living with us 18 months by evil beings disguised as step dad and bio mom. After 8 cases of abuse reported to CPS in my then 5 year old sons short life he was once again being sent back to the woman the “system” once again deemed “fit for motherhood”. Mom and now fake step dad were winners in the game of beat and repeat because we weren’t willing to play along. How anyone could get away with drug use, prostitution, blatant neglect and SEXUAL/Physical abuse is beyond me. How a woman could be accused by her own child of touching and violating him to his very core eventually sending him home to us with a hickey the size of a quarter could be awarded custody is beyond me.

My husband is a vary hard working man, he provides a wonderful home, food for our bellies, doesn’t do drugs and doesn’t drink. The latter also applying to myself. His mother has never a provided her own home for him a day in his life, has abused him since only a month or two old and at the time he was returned lived in a home not fit for human living as per CPS. But still, she remained the winner with a license to destroy an innocent life forever. And once she got him back, SHE got him back. Because he vanished from our lives until the day CPS called us once again to tell us he had been removed from his home after his mother and step dad was arrested on multiple drug charges.

After years of not knowing where he was however we were not allowed to take him. CPS punished us even though they are as responsible for robbing him of a good life as his mother was. A life where he smiled daily, a life where the horrible nightmares where he woke screaming, covered in sweat after wetting the bed were beginning to stop. A life where he had a “mother” who he loved and adored who tucked him in bed at night, sang to him,  read him bed time stories and loved him like she were his own resided. A life with his real father who would have jumped in front of a bus to protect him at any time. A life where he had a sister who loved him like he was the greatest thing in the world. CPS tried to make it so he would never be happy again but we fought them and was eventually after 3 months able to bring him back home again.

He is now happy, but it is a long road. A rocky , bumpy journey into the unknown with a child who is so badly damaged he is near beyond repair but we will work until the bitter end to fix what they broke. He is angry, his eyes dull, doesn’t cry, doesn’t seem to feel but he knows that his place is not with the people who always hurt him but with the people he is likely to be ripped from again.

This is my journey as the wicked stepmother CPS and everyone in general seems to deem me as simply because I am willing to fight for a child who is not my own.


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