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We officially have him now after years of not knowing where he was.  He came home a little nervous but ready to be here with us. My husband told me that on the way here he told him that he never wanted to go back to that area again and that if he could he would stay here with us at least 10 years. I am so terrified of letting him down again. CPS is still opting for “family reunification”. That term makes me so angry because WE are his family and WE have never hurt him so shouldn’t they be working at reunifying him with us and not the people who have “officially” hurt him 11 times and Heaven knows how many more? WE ARE HIS FAMILY! They are not a family and I am so sick and tired of CPS using the term family so loosely. It takes a hell of a lot more than pushing a child out to be a family. Get your shit together CPS, reunify this child with his real family and leave him here where he wants to be!!

We are on a journey into the unknown on so many levels. We don’t know how he will adapt to not living in a falling apart drug den full of beer cans and dump cars. We don’t know if he will make friends. We don’t know if they will show up and snatch him. We don’t know if CPS will send him back. And we don’t know how much our daughters will hurt when they loose him. I am so tired of CPS bullshit, so tired if them never doing what is REALLY in the best interest of the child. CPS is an joke and the state of TX is a joke!


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