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Took him to church today and despite the fact that he was uncomfortable I believe he had a great time. It gave him a chance to meet some people, young men in particular so that he could better get settled. On the way home he turned to me and asked if he could tell me something in confidence. I had to tell him that if it affected him I couldn’t guarantee that I wouldn’t tell someone. He told me anyway, he told me that all the time the court had ordered that his bio mom and step dad could have ZERO visitation he was being taken to see her anyway by his “fake grandparents” with whom custody was placed while we waited to bring him home. He also told me how much his mom and step dad hated us. His step dad seems to be very very petty and jealous of my husband, which he should be because unlike him my husband is a good man.

Of course I could not keep it a secret, I told his casa caseworker who laid it out that she has suspected as much. he also told me something very interesting…. She said that his mother and step dad had told her that “I” at some point in time during the course of his living with us made my step son some kind of drink which forced him to throw up. When he threw up the drink I then made him lick it up. Also something about me making him tell his dad that he didn’t love him so that his dad would kick him out of the house.  She went to confirm it with Griffin, not asking him outright but asking if there was anything that scared him about coming here. At first he said no, that he was very excited to come here then after a little pressing he said “yes” and pretty much verified what his drug addict mother and step dad said.

Of course both of those things are ridiculous on so many levels that it is beyond comprehension. It scared me to death that there is a child in this house who could have been manipulated into believing something so horrible and outlandish about me. That little boy loved me so much back then and is already calling me “mom” again without a single prompting. We have spent time alone, his idea and have been having a wonderful time so far. In the end I believe this woman saw it for what it was, insane manipulation over an innocent child. I always knew his mother was jealous of the relationship I had with my step son but I never realized she hated me to the point of forcing him to hurt me which of course in return hurt him. How could anyone believe that? ANYONE?!!!

I think my drama free life is no longer drama free!


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