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Something you never want to hear…

We were stuck behind a truck coming home from a play date today. The truck was filled to the sams with all kinds of poorly strapped crap. When I mentioned how packed it was my step son (have I told you he is only 10?) says to me “You should see my dads truck when it’s full of scrap metal! it’s way more packed than that!” I said “Oh, is that what he does for a living, delivers scrap metal?” He said “No, he just goes gets some to sell when he is really wanting his drugs and stuff.” I asked him after recovering from shock; “What’s stuff?” He says “oh you know, ciggarettes, beer and sometimes weed, he likes weed but he likes drugs more.” All I could say was “I am sorry” then I had no more words left in me. After a few moments of silence he says “I am glad my real dad doesn’t drink or do drugs because it kills you when you use it and it kills you when you don’t”.

Seriously? What do you say to a child who is confiding in you about something so unbelievable that you KNOW is true? I cannot believe CPS is even remotely considering reunification!


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