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The truth…..

So my son came to me asking all kinds of questions this evening and I did my best to answer them without saying anything bad or negative about step dad and mom. It was hard because at times I wanted to shout at him how much I hate them for being the horrible human beings they are for hurting him but I remained neutral. During the course of this conversation he said to me “My mom and dad told me that you and daddy made me eat my own vomit, that you gave me some drink, I threw up and you made me eat it, is that true?” I was a bit taken aback by the question as I never expected him to just outright ask about it. Also because of the fact that he SAID that THEY TOLD HIM and that they seem to have looped myself AND his father in the mix of evil deeds. Casa had told me that he said it was ME who was accused of such a horrific and unimaginable thing. I understand that he didn’t want to get his dad in trouble but it still shocked me. Of course I told him no that it was NOT true and told him how absolutely horrible something like that would have been. After which I asked him if he remembered that I tucked him in every single night after saying “dear Gods” with a bed time story. He said he didn’t remember anything about the time that he lived with us accept what his favorite cartoons were and what his bedroom furniture looked like. He also said that the last thing he remembers about that time was waking up not knowing where he was. He said one day he went to sleep and when he woke up his mom and “dad” were there, only he wasn’t sure who they were until they said they were mom and dad. He said he knew that his step dad was not his real dad but couldn’t really remember what his real dad looked like. It makes me wonder what happened, did this little boy have a nervous break down or did they somehow manage to brainwash us out of him like they tried to brainwash horrible things about us into him?


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