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I have been sitting here in my husbands absence thinking about the smiles on my daughters faces since their brother has been home and suddenly it REALLY sank in as to how very hurt they would be if CPS made the horrible mistake of giving him back to the evil that is his mother and step father. They preach “reunification” ignoring the fact that we ARE his family and that WE have never sacrificed him to drugs. They don’t consider the other children in this family, the emotional scars that it will leave on them to see their brother once again ripped away from their lives.  They are older now so the separation and pain will be even greater. I just don’t understand the sorry state of CPS that they would even consider giving him back to someone he himself has accused of sexual and physical abuse and who has been drugged up half of his existence.

The other day he told me that he was forced to sleep in the living room on a couch that was pushed in front of the front door because it had no working lock. He had a room but it was given away to some lady they moved into the house. He said the house was always filthy, they had rats and LOADS of cockroaches then proceeded to tell me about waking up every morning with roaches on him, on at least one occasion waking up with a rat staring at him. During the same conversation he told me how his “daddy” would make him bend over with his knees and feet together for spankings, if he flinched or made a noise he got an extra 6 licks.  His step father is such a sorry human being, he drinks like a fish and is a meth head with more DWI’s than body hairs. This same man would beat the hell out of him if this child called his REAL father IE: My husband “daddy” telling him that he was going to “beat the (family name here) out of him, that he was to call him “step daddy”. All I could do was apologize when he told me.  I then proceeded to tell him how much his “REAL” daddy loved him and told him about how happy he was the day he was born in the hospital. At that time I was informed that his step dad told him that it was him who was there the day he was born. He even tried to steal that from my husband!  I set him straight though, showed him pictures to prove it. His mother didn’t even know that horrible human being back then!  I am not ashamed to say that I HATE THEM! I hate them for how they have hurt that little boy, hate them for the pain they cause my family and I hate them for the pain they cause my daughters. It is people like them that make me doubt the existence of God because I am not sure how anyone who loves his children would ever let evil like that be born onto the earth.

I wish there was a real person I could talk to about all of this stuff. A real person who I could completely unleash on without judgement but there isn’t. I cannot tell my husband, I can’t say anything negative to my step son. He tells me so much and i makes me feel like a prisoner of war bound to information.  Not that my information is valuable because as CPS told me , everything out of my mouth that he tells me is here say.  After all, I am just the wicked step mom!


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