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Never go back…

He was telling me today that he never wanted to go back to his mother and step dad. I had left him in the car for a second with the girls while I ran into the CVS for some maxi pads, I came out and he asked me “did you tell my sister that I was going to run away from home?” of course I said no, what a weird thing for a person to say. Then I thought about it a second and realized that I told the girls that he might have to go back to his other home. I told him  about that and explained that I had to prepare the girls so that they knew what to expect because I didn’t want them to get hurt if he did go back. He cringed at the idea of going back and told me he didn’t want to. I told him that it was very much a possibility, we didn’t want him to and would do what we could to prevent that from happening but it could happen. He looked away sadly and I told him that all it would take was to express very much and often to CPS that he doesn’t want to live with his mother and be sure to tell them why. At that time he informed me that he had already told his CASA worker and that she was supposed to express it to her lawyer who would then with her help tell the judge. I personally don’t see when he could have done that but he says it was already done. I hope so because if not I see this boys heart being broken and life going straight to hell. If this child has to live with criminals for much longer chances are he is going to end up being one as well. How do you save a child when CPS , the agency supposed to be protecting him is 100% focused on destroying him?


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